Veal Entrecote

Making delicious steak or any other recipe? We provide best veal entrecote meat.

Beef Tenderloin

Making (T-bone, porterhouse) steaks, BBQ Ribs.

Beef Ribs

We provide beef from our own farms. This is sometimes difficult due to high demand.

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Alli & Sons Butchers

A & S butchers was established in 1973 by Late Alhaji Alliu Oniye, A renowned butcher in Lagos Island. A & S Butchers has since become very reputable cottage family business operating from Mende village Maryland. Lagos.

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Roast chicken

Making the best roast Chicken. We supply the best hygienic and fresh Chicken.

Beef tenderloin

Making (T-bone and porterhouse) steaks, BBQ Ribs. We provide a broadway Cut.

Veal Entrecote

Making delicious steak or any other recipe. We provide best veal entrecote meat.

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